Turf health benefits of amino acids

October 7, 2016

The conditions on a golf course are rarely optimal for turfgrass health. Superintendents are in a constant struggle to provide faster green speeds and healthier turf, two somewhat contradictory goals. For years, superintendents have turned to amino acid products to increase turf’s ability to withstand stress. But how does it work? Quail Hollow's Keith Wood, and Mayfield Sand Ridge Club's Brent Palich joined EnP Turf experts George Murray and Curt Geron in an hour-long discussion focused on the turf health benefits of amino acids. This webinar was sponsored by EnP Turf, a leader in cutting-edge, amino-acid-based formulations. On the heels of its most recent amino-acid formulation breakthrough, EnP is excited to share the new opportunities in amino acids.