Flo-Pro Injection System

Flo-Pro Injection System

August 16, 2016

Underhill International


The Underhill Flo-Pro Injection System ensures precise and consistent application of turf care products on golf courses, while requiring less time and labor than spraying or spreading soil amendments, wetting agents, fertilizers, organics and more.

Flo-Pro connects directly to the irrigation and applies liquid or water-soluble products while the system is running. Flo-Pro utilizes pressure differential to pull irrigation water into its tank and uniformly mixes products through “micro-dosing.” Its patented design allows even dilution and distribution of product from start to finish ensuring efficiency throughout the irrigation cycle.

Flo-Pro Injection Systems are available in 10-, 17-, 25-, 45- and 86- gallon tanks, depending on site requirements. Vertical tank enclosures are offered for the 45-and 86-gallon tanks.