Underhill Spotshot

Underhill Spotshot

March 17, 2011

Underhill International


SpotShot, a portable watering kit designed to green up dry, patchy areas or to leach salts from the soil, is now available from Underhill International. The kit is especially useful on courses that rely on reclaimed water for irrigation and which may have high salinity levels.
SpotShot connects to a quick coupler or golf sprinkler and allows the irrigation crew to spot water up to a 20-foot radius at low precipitation rates. The kit can be expanded with add-ons to cover larger areas of turf.
The SpotShot Starter Kit includes a pressure regulator that connects to a quick coupler or electric valve-in-head sprinkler (when equipped with an Underhill Hose Tap). The Kit also features a low precipitation sprinkler; sprinkler base and connection fittings; and a 20-foot length of flexible ½-inch PVC tubing.

The low precipitation rate sprinkler delivers less than .2/inch per hour, optimal coverage for a slow soak to restore greens or to leach salts out of the soil and maintain a salinity level that turf can tolerate.
SpotShot Kit can be expanded with additional 20-foot sections of PVC tubing, sprinklers and fittings. Several nozzles are available with varying precipitation rates.
Spotshot can be set to run overnight or at maintenance times when the course is not in play.
Underhill offers an expanding line of water-efficient irrigation products for golf courses, including Profile solid metal retrofit nozzles; Sapien 2Wire controllers; AuditMaster sprinkler performance test kits; Pellet Pro and LiquidPro applicators; TurfSpy stress detection glasses; Magnum and Precision hose-end nozzles and more.