653 AccuMaster and 633 AccuPro

653 AccuMaster and 633 AccuPro

March 2, 2015

Foley United

General Reel

Foley United has released the biggest innovative leap in grinder technology in two decades with the 653 AccuMaster and 633 AccuPro spin/relief reel grinders. All new and unique design features include:

• Accu-Reel Selector, a revolutionary rear roller mounting system that perfectly locates the reel based on manufacturer and diameter. 
• Accu-Touch 3 Control takes automation and productivity to the next level; just
tell it what you’re working on and pre-defined spin and relief programs will do the work while you do something else.  An animated Tutorial feature walks new technicians through set-up and is easily bypassed for the experienced operators.

• Accu-Positioning Gauge uses a bubble-style graphic and takes all of the thinking out of reel gauging.

• Counter-Balanced Spin Drive system pivots and floats for an easy connection to the reel.