Talstar XTRA GC

Talstar XTRA GC

March 28, 2012

FMC Corp.

Fertilizers/Pesticides Insecticides

FMC Professional Solutions announced the launch of Talstar XTRA GC granular insecticide, the newest addition to its expanding line of Talstar solutions.

Specifically designed for golf courses with a greens-grade, sand-core granule, Talstar XTRA GC protects greens, tees, fairways, roughs and ornamental plants without damage. It is the only granular insecticide that combines the proven residual of Talstar with the speed of the active ingredient, zeta-cypermethrin. For golf course superintendents, this means quick and long-term control of a wide range of surface-feeding insects, such as ants (including red imported fire ants), cutworms, sod webworms, armyworms, mole crickets and more.

“When used as directed, Talstar XTRA GC eliminates fire ant colonies in 15 minutes or less—while other products take days or weeks to work,” said Adam Manwarren, FMC product manager for turf and ornamental products. “For best results, treat roughs, greens, green surrounds and bunker faces early before ant populations build."

Talstar XTRA GC features an optimized formulation that rapidly disrupts the insect’s nervous system. Though the formulation acts very fast, it doesn’t sacrifice the residual—two to four months—that superintendents have come to expect from Talstar. The unique, dense sand granule penetrates thatch to reach surface-feeding pests yet appears invisible to golfers due to its small size.

Talstar XTRA GC is approved for broadcast or mound applications on all turf varieties, making it a versatile,valuable and low-cost component of an ongoing insect control program. It is labeled for control of ants (including imported fire ants), cutworms, webworms, armyworms, mole crickets and more. And when applied in temperate zone regions where forsythia is in full bloom, Talstar XTRA GC will control annual bluegrass weevil adults for three to four weeks.

Talstar XTRA GC is now available from FMC authorized distributors. The product is sold in 50-pound bags, so 12 bags will cover 3 acres at the high label rate. Talstar XTRA GC is a restricted use pesticide.