Pro800 Hi-Power Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator

Pro800 Hi-Power Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator

February 17, 2012

Armada Technologies
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Armada Technologies is introducing the all new Pro800 Hi-Power Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator at GIS in Las Vegas.  The Pro800 drastically improves on existing industry offerings to provide the latest technology available in irrigation wire and valve locating and troubleshooting.  Among these improvements, the Pro800 features a rechargeable 12v transmitter battery, 20% more powerful transmitter, triple AC buzz and hum filter, and a new wireless connection/broadcast mode.

Wire and valve locators have been around for 30 years.  The Pro800 changes everything.  With 20% more transmitting power, the distance one can track cable increases dramatically.  With rechargeable batteries, you never have to buy a battery again or run to the store for replacements.  AC filters are tripled on the Pro800 from previous models, creating an absolutely clear, clean signal.  Finally, wireless coupling to cables through the broadcast mode means you don't have to connect to the wires to get a tracking signal.

The Pro800 provides a powerful and accurate irrigation valve and wire fault and tracing capability.  Anyone looking to improve workforce efficiency needs the labor saving capacity of the Pro800.

The contractor price of the model Pro800 is US $749.00.  The Pro800 will be available in April from authorized distributors found at