CGT400 Trimmer

CGT400 Trimmer

May 17, 2012

CORE Outdoor Power

Core Outdoor Power's GasLess line trimmer comes equipped with CORE technology, a gasless motor device capable of producing high torque rotary motion at high efficiencies and power densities. This clean technology creates unparalleled advantages over traditional motors and generators.

The CGT400 Trimmer is reliable, lightweight, virtually noise-free and will run just as long as a tank of gas. It’s perfectly balanced and features an instant trigger start, high-energy power cell, dual-mode controls for torque and speed, open view grass guard and a comfort grip handle. This lightweight, long life, virtually maintenance free-CGT400 Trimmer will retail at a price comparable with high quality commercial gasoline trimmers on the market today.

  • Weight (without Power Cell): 8 pounds
  • Weight (with Power Cell): 11 pounds
  • Run Time: up to 70 minutes
  • Power Cell: Prismatic high energy
  • Charger: 3 hour (rapid charger available)
  • Head Speed: 7,000 RPM in Speed Mode; 5,000 RPM in Torque mode
  • Head Type: Dual Line Bump Feed
  • Trimmer Line: 0.095 diameter, 20-foot spool

Core Outdoor Power products are proudly made in the state of Montana and are available at select Ace Hardware stores and other Outdoor Power Equipment dealers and retailers throughout North America.