Jacobsen will expand ELiTe lithium line at GCATS

Among the highlights of the new SLF1: Silent mowing, allowing for early-morning or late-night coursework.

Courtesy of Jacobsen

Jacobsen continues to commit to lithium mowers in the golf market and will expand its ELiTE line with the five-gang SLF1 at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in Orlando.

All Jacobsen mowers and Cushman vehicles will be ELiTE lithium models in Booth #2041 at the Orange County Convention Center, with the new SLF1 ELiTE showcasing the cutting edge of lithium power. 

The numbers are impressive: ELiTE lithium has been used for more than 60 million hours on fine turf facilities, which has helped create a five reel mower that doesn’t compromise on performance. Users get up to seven hours of operation per charge with 500-plus amp-hour Li-ion battery, which is powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology.

The machine also offers on-board overnight charging that fits with existing universal electrical infrastructure — as simple as plugging it in at the end of the day.

The SLF1 ELiTE is designed to be convenient, with virtually maintenance-free next-gen components, and the introduction of an advanced on-board and remote-ready monitoring system — allowing for analysis of machine diagnostics.

The control center, located on an adjustable swing-out console arm, features lockable speed and Jacobsen’s clip control frequency to guarantee a consistent and exceptional finish every time on fairways, large trim and surround areas or terrain with undulations.

Lithium power provides silent cutting with minimal vibration, which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. And silence means cutting when you want to —early in the morning or late at night, regardless of surroundings.

The SLF1 ELiTE was tested in wet conditions and challenging slopes to ensure the power goes where it’s needed. The hydraulic-free design rounds off a proven and powerful machine.

Jacobsen will also introduce its New ELiTE Club during the show, enabling consumers to demonstrate their environmental stewardship and join a community with valued added benefits for owning or purchasing ELiTE mowers.

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