Yara launches foliar nutrition product line

Yara launches foliar nutrition product line

New YaraVita OptimumTurf line is designed for turf and ornamental.

June 4, 2019

Yara North America is rolling out its new YaraVita OptimumTurf foliar nutrition line, designed specifically for the turf and ornamental industry. YaraVita OptimumTurf includes eight products that each delivers a specific nutrient or nutrient mix for efficiently sustaining turfgrass and plant health, and boosting performance, durability and aesthetics.

Backed by more than 100 years of agronomic insights, the newest offerings from Yara are fully formulated liquids enhanced with co-formulants for providing turf with the most efficient forms of nutrients for immediate uptake and utilization.

“A balanced nutritional program is necessary for increasing a plant’s chances of survival, especially when overcoming common stress factors.” Said Neil Mayberry, Yara North America crop manager, turf and ornamental. “This is why turf managers must have a product they can trust and is mixable with a wide range of products, ultimately, making their jobs easier.”

Globally, Yara has spent decades researching and developing foliar applications through the YaraVita product portfolio. Foliar fertilizers have proved to be among the more efficient ways to precisely apply nutrients at the right time, place and rates. With turfgrass under daily stress and needing to be in pristine condition, precise, efficient and effective applications are key.