Mark Luckhardt returns to XGD Group of Companies

Mark Luckhardt returns to XGD Group of Companies

Longtime project manager will serve as independent turf drainage consultant.

June 4, 2018
GCI Staff
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XGD Systems announced that Mark Luckhardt has returned to the XGD Group of Companies, TDIGolf, Eco Blue, and XGD Systems, as an independent turf drainage consultant.

Luckhardt had spent 16 years as a project manager at TDIGolf and the last dozen years as vice president of XGD Systems growing the company from a single crew operation to its now five crews rotating throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

XGD President Geoff Corlett is thrilled to have him back, “to represent the varied golf, sports field, and parks and recreation services our firm undertakes.” 

Luckhardt said returning to XGD is “a natural fit for my next career move, as I can continue to represent an industry leader in golf/sports field services as I have done most of my career, and now my own services an independent turf drainage consultant in the U.S. and Canada.”