Vanguard introduces new commercial battery

Vanguard introduces new commercial battery

The 7kWh diecast commercial offering is designed for up to 2,000 cycles.

Briggs & Stratton is launching its new Vanguard 7kWh Diecast Commercial Battery — an answer, the company says, to OEMs’ requests for a flexible battery solution that can be utilized in a wider variety of applications including turf, golf and recreation. Vanguard also offers battery power at 1.5kWh, 3.8kWh, 5kWh and 10kWh.

“Vanguard is committed to being the premier power solutions provider to our OEM partners. The best way we can do that is to invest in cutting edge technology that can be easily integrated into the equipment that makes our world run smoothly,” Briggs & Stratton Electrification senior marketing manager Chris Davison said. “By placing a greater emphasis on electrification and adding solutions like the 7kWh pack, we are solidifying that commitment and setting both our customers and Vanguard up for ongoing success.”

Building on the design of the 3.8kWh Commercial Battery, the pack’s cellular module assembly units are packed and protected in a diecast aluminum casing to provide durability and protection against extreme temperatures, impact, vibration, moisture and dirt. The battery utilizes lithium-ion chemistry and technology to ensure reliable performance and can monitor voltage and temperature to assure safe and efficient operations.

The 7kWh battery can be fully charged in less than eight hours and has a charging temperature range of -10°C to 50°C.

It also features a dual CANbus communication protocol that allows OEMs to communicate with the battery's J1939 (automotive standard) CANbus and uses the second CANbus to communicate with any existing communication network without having to reprogram a legacy system.

The 7kWh battery is designed for a life of up to 2,000 cycles with almost no scheduled maintenance needs, and includes a three-year commercial limited warranty.