Part XIV of Turf Fuel Master Class webinar series set

Part XIV of Turf Fuel Master Class webinar series set

Discussion scheduled for Nov. 11 will focus on winter warm-season turf performance.


Target Specialty Products announced Part XIV of its Turf Fuel Master Class Series will focus on strategies for winter warm-season turf performance. The webinar is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. EDT, Thursday, Nov. 11 and will feature Turf Fuel product development managers Steve Loveday and Jim Turner as co-presenters.

“A big part of the value that Target Specialty Products offers our customers is education that can be applied to real world situations,” Target Specialty Products President David Helt said. “The Turf Fuel product development team not only focuses on developing new technologies, they are also equally passionate about sharing the latest research and turf management strategies with customers.”

“The winter is the prime-time playing season in many parts of the Southern U.S.,” Turf Fuel business manager Mark Jull said. “Unfortunately, vigorous turf growth slows at this time of year. The strategic application of surfactants, biostimulants and specific nutrients can really make a big difference in performance during the winter months.  Steve Loveday and Jim Turner will share some of these impactful strategies.”

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