Globetrotting consulting agronomist Terry Buchen visits many golf courses annually with his digital camera in hand. He shares helpful ideas relating to maintenance equipment from the golf course superintendents he visits — as well as a few ideas of his own — with timely photos and captions that explore the changing world of golf course management.

September 9, 2019

Toro Pro Sweep Mods

Aerifier plugs falling to the ground when loading them onto the Toro HD X & 3100 Workmans are a thing of the past, as one to two crew members are no longer needed for this task, saving about 10 minutes per dump. A “chute” made of a black ABS plastic sheet ($35) measuring approximately 48 inches wide, tapering down to 38 inches wide and approximately 21 inches long measuring .188 inches by 24 inches by 48 inches ABS will be used next time for better rigidity. The ABS was bent into shape with a heat gun and sheet metal brace to bend it. The chute slides in between the bin and frame, and is fastened with OEM bin bolts. The Workman sideboards measure about 65 inches by 24 inches and the backboard measures 51 inches by 24 inches and is made from ½-inch thick wafer boards fastened to 2-inch by 2-inch boards that slide into the bed’s stake holes (less than $50). The process required less than two hours of labor. The dynamic duo behind this device are director of agronomy Mike Valiant, CGCS, and equipment manager Robert “Skip” Rose at the Glenwild Golf Club & Spa in Park City, Utah.

Rotary Spreader Transport Bracket

The Andersons Accupro 2000 Rotary Spreader is transported around the Glenwild Golf Club & Spa quite easily. A 3-inch by 1 ½-inch channel steel bracket slides into the front receiver and is bolted in place using 5/8-inch bolts in the OEM holes on the Toro MDX and 2110 Workmans of various ages. The spreader lifts on and off the 5/8-inch diameter rods bent into shape, where the spreader is quite stable during transport. It took less than an hour-and-a- half to build with materials running less than $50. Valiant and Rose are indeed a formidable team.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, is president of Golf Agronomy International. He’s a 41-year, life member of the GCSAA. He can be reached at 757-561-7777 or