Toro introduces irrigation and fleet management platform
Courtesy of Toro

Toro introduces irrigation and fleet management platform

IntelliDash offers real-time operational data to superintendents and their teams.

Toro announced the introduction of the IntelliDash platform to help superintendents monitor, manage, track and maintain the health of their operation. The platform provides real-time operational data, including agronomic conditions, labor, asset location and equipment health. Superintendents can also use data to simplify course operations, identify inefficiencies and better allocate resources.

“Toro is the market leader in golf course irrigation and turf maintenance equipment, so we see the full picture on the course,” said Norma Frotton, product marketing manager for the Toro golf irrigation business. “By bringing together key course elements, the IntelliDash platform provides course managers and superintendents greater visibility to course health and unique access to equipment fleet and irrigation data. Toro is the only provider of both golf course equipment and irrigation and is in a unique and exclusive position to supply this information to courses via a single dashboard.”

IntelliDash is a component for courses that rely on a Toro maintenance equipment fleet and/or irrigation systems. IntelliDash provides a platform that superintendents can easily access on any computer or mobile device, so equipment, labor and agronomic data can be viewed from anywhere at any time. A wide range of real-time data is available, and users can customize the dashboard to display the most important information. Data sets can easily be turned on and off to ensure only what’s most important to the user appears on the dashboard.

The dashboard offers a view of the course and fleet data so superintendents can make informed decisions with information from multiple sources, including weather and radar streams and evapotranspiration forecasts. Integrating weather data means superintendents can make real-time decisions about course maintenance without leaving the dashboard.

For agronomic conditions, IntelliDash will integrate popular Toro products like Lynx Central Control, which aggregates irrigation information to better manage water and resources while maximizing course playability and aesthetics. IntelliDash can also incorporate well-known products such as Turf Guard and leading third-party services such as Playbooks and taskTracker to manage labor, track expenses and understand operational inputs, over time and by area of the course — providing insights for year-over-year comparisons and effective budget management. Toro is also working to integrate additional new data sources into the dashboard to ensure operators can access all their essential data in one place.

For daily productivity and planning purposes, IntelliDash provides equipment location, health and status. Equipment health is managed by the inclusion of Toro’s popular myTurf Pro Fleet Management tool, giving users convenient maintenance scheduling, parts ordering and reporting. For configured equipment, IntelliDash will provide diagnostics and valuable information on engine health such as operational hours and fuel use.

“Ultimately, IntelliDash is intended to be a tool that golf course managers can use to better manage their operations,” said Janel Hinde, product marketing manager for Toro commercial equipment. “With vital course information easily accessible in one location, superintendents and course managers can make confident, data-driven decisions.”