At Tee-2-Green: What seed shortage?

At Tee-2-Green: What seed shortage?

Despite industry challenges, the grower-owned Tee-2-Green’s inventory remains stocked.

September 13, 2021

Tee-2-Green, a grower-owned bentgrass seed supplier with warehouses in Oregon and on the East Coast, has announced an ample seed inventory amid the national shortage. Over the past two years, the industry has faced challenges due to weather conditions, including droughts and wildfires, resulting in low supply.

“As a grower-owned company, we are made up of two- to three-generation growers,” agronomist and golf course consultant Lew Sharp said. “Over the years, we’ve seen it all and are always prepared for anything Mother Nature may bring our way.”

Golf courses across the country have seen a surge in play and traffic since last spring, creating a higher demand for seed to maintain playability. Tee-2-Green’s available inventory allows them to be ready and equipped to supply customers when they need bentgrass seed. 

“We do not expect a shortage of our varieties, we are not raising prices, and we welcome inquiries and orders,” Tee-2-Green president Terry Plagmann said. “Whether you need shipment from Oregon or our East Coast warehouse, we are here to get you the seed you need.”

Tee-2-Green’s bentgrass varieties include Penncross, Penn A-1 & A-4, Crystal BlueLinks, Pure Distinction and Pure Select.