Target Specialty Products introduces new flagship product

Target Specialty Products introduces new flagship product

Turf Fuel Element 6 designed to fill role as nutritional go-to.

May 15, 2019

Target Specialty Products is rolling out Turf Fuel Element 6, the flagship product in its Turf Fuel nutritional product line.

“Element 6 was designed to be the go-to product for turf managers seeking the highest turf quality in challenging environmental conditions,” said Mark Jull, Head of Turf Fuel Products’ Division, at Target Specialty Products. “Target Specialty Products’ customers and technical sales representatives have gravitated toward Element 6 as the backbone of their nutrition, fungicide and plant growth regulator tank mixes.”

Element 6 includes more proprietary Turf Fuel ingredients than any other product in the portfolio, with heavy internal research showing benefit in multiple stress situations.

“Element 6 is built on a platform of key sugars and amino acids coupled with our proprietary silica and the highest dose of Nutrifense available in any Turf Fuel product,” Turf Fuel Nutritional Product Development Manager Steve Loveday said. “We first discovered how powerful Element 6 really was in a Michigan State University study where turf treated with Element 6 was two-and-a-half times healthier than any other treatment under extreme drought and heat conditions.”

Turf Fuel Element 6 and other Turf Fuel products are available exclusively from Target Specialty Products, which is continuing its continental expansion.