Target Specialty Products continues growth

Target Specialty Products continues growth

Turf Fuel line designed to help surfaces in stressful situations.

July 11, 2018
GCI Staff
Target Specialty Products offers a complete line of professional turf solutions under its brand name Turf Fuel that are designed to provide solutions to the needs of Turf professionals. Turf Fuel products are exclusively available at Target Specialty Products.

Turf Fuel is a complete line of unique products and solutions for needs ranging from plant nutrition, to soil and foliar surfactant management technology and is designed to enhance plant strength and prepare intensely managed turf for extreme growing conditions, improving soil moisture management and maximizing pesticide performance. 

“The Turf Fuel product line is part of a key element of Target Specialty Products’ strategy going forward,” said David Helt, President of Target Specialty Products, “Turf Fuel products are designed to provide exceptional, cutting edge performance and differentiated value to our turf customers.”

Target Specialty Products’ Turf Fuel product development division is developing the next generation of soil remediation products as well as substantial enhancements in foliar adjuvants that work to improve both pesticide performance and increase plant resilience to both biotic and abiotic stress. 

Turf Fuel products are designed to help turf professionals get the most out of their turf even in extremely stressful conditions. The products are built from a foundation of science where proven concepts are fortified with unique and innovative new technologies. This combination creates turf that is conditioned to handle stress effectively and gives the turf care professional an innovative new set of powerful solutions.

“Turf Fuel products immediately improve turf performance even under intense stress such as high heat, drought, traffic, shade, poor soil conditions, poor water quality, aeration recovery, nutrient deficiencies and many other similar issues that are true problems for turf professionals” said Todd Griebe, head of Turf Fuel Products’ Division at Target Specialty Products. “We have developed a unique and complete line of products under the brand name Turf Fuel that provide effective solutions for Turf Professionals.”

“Through extensive university and field research, we have developed our unique Nutrifense and Soil Sync technology platforms to give turf an edge and reduce the stress associated with growing fine turf surfaces,” said Mark Jull, product manager for Turf Fuel Products at Target Specialty Products. “We work with our sales team and our customers very closely across USA and Canada to provide continuous feedback and input from them to guide us to continuously innovate and continue to look for modern solutions to the old problems Turf professionals face every day.