Syngenta launches new assurance program
Courtesy of Syngenta

Syngenta launches new assurance program

WeevilTrakSM covers ABW, white grub species and turf caterpillars in applicable states.

September 21, 2021

Syngenta has announced the launch of its new WeevilTrakSM annual bluegrass weevil assurance program. In addition to guaranteeing the performance of Syngenta products for fighting ABW on golf course turf, the assurance also guarantees prevention of all white grub species and turf caterpillars in the applicable states.

“For the last nine years, Syngenta has been the industry leader in helping superintendents control ABW, grubs and turf caterpillars. Years of research developing products, the program and the timing with WeevilTrak uniquely positions Syngenta to develop this guarantee to help superintendents feel confident about controlling ABW all season,” said Stephanie Schwenke, market manager for turf at Syngenta. “This is the first and only guarantee of its kind in the industry and we’re proud to be able to support it alongside all of the tools superintendents have come to trust as part of the WeevilTrak program.”

Annual bluegrass is the most troublesome insect for golf courses in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and its impact continues to spread. Syngenta is well-known for its WeevilTrak program, which features Acelepryn, Ference, Provaunt WDG and Scimitar GC insecticides, as well as in-season monitoring of ABW populations by 11 trusted industry researchers. Superintendents registered for WeevilTrak have access to local pest development alerts, application timing recommendations and real-time blog updates from researchers.

“ABW is notoriously challenging to control, so making product applications at the proper timing is critical,” said Dr. Mike Agnew, technical manager for turf at Syngenta. “The years of Syngenta research coupled with constant seasonal monitoring from WeevilTrak ensure the assurance program recommends the proper application timing of proven products for the greatest success.”

To qualify for the assurance, users must:

  • Be registered for WeevilTrak
  • Follow the guidelines outlined for their region in the optimum control strategy
  • Purchase products from an authorized Syngenta distributor or retailer 

As part of the GreenTrust 365 early order period, which runs from Oct. 1 to Dec. 8, 2021, superintendents can save on purchases of the products featured in the assurance by qualifying for year-long rebates. Additional savings opportunities during the early order period include:

  • The ABW Solution pallet, containing Acelepryn, Provaunt WDG and Ference, which offers 10 percent savings
  • The GT Bonus Booster rebate, which offers up to 3% savings for purchases made in October
  • The Plan It Your Way rebate, which can be applied to purchases of Acelepryn half-gallon bottles for up to 12 percent savings
  • Volume pricing on Acelepryn purchases for savings up to 10 percent