Syngenta invites turf pros to sink 28-foot putt

Syngenta invites turf pros to sink 28-foot putt

The virtual #PosterityPuttingChallenge opens September 1 and will run for 28 days to reflect the new product’s 28-day protection.


Syngenta is celebrating the 28-day disease control offered by its new Posterity XT and Posterity Forte fungicides by introducing a 28-day #PosterityPuttingChallenge. Starting September 1, turf industry pros can challenge each other to make a 28-foot putt for a chance to win prizes.

“While Posterity brands hold strong for up to 28 days, sinking a 28-foot putt isn’t quite as easy,” Syngenta turf market manager Stephanie Schwenke said. “By introducing the #PosterityPuttingChallenge, we want to connect people with a little competitive fun while demonstrating the power of Posterity brands.”

Participate in the #PosterityPuttingChallenge by posting a video on Twitter or Facebook showing you trying to sink a 28-foot putt.Get creative — it can be on a course, or you can set up something to mimic a hole in a backyard or other place. Measure the distance by walking 28 steps from the start to your hole, and don’t worry — you don’t have to sink the putt! (Oh, and make sure to include the hashtag #PosterityPuttingChallenge in the post.)

All participants who follow these steps will automatically win two sleeves of Posterity-branded golf balls and be entered into four weekly drawings for a YETI Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler. Participants can also challenge their industry colleagues by tagging them in the posts to pass along the challenge.

Posterity XT and Posterity Forte provide powerful disease protection that can last for as many as 28 days. Featuring ADEPIDYN technology (pydiflumetofen), the Posterity brand products feature three active ingredients from three different FRAC groups to control dollar spot, spring dead spot and more on cool- and warm-season turf.

“These latest evolutions of the Posterity brand provide powerful, long-lasting control of key diseases with added broad-spectrum and resistance management benefits,” Syngenta fungicide brand manager for turf Steve Dorer said. “I personally took the #PosterityPuttingChallenge and can show you how tough it can be to sink a 28-foot putt. Fortunately, Posterity brands offer golf course superintendents a more reliable way to achieve up to 28 days of success on their golf courses.”