Syngenta announces updates to large patch prevention assurance programs

Syngenta announces updates to large patch prevention assurance programs

Ascernity label enhanced for increased control.


Syngenta announced its GreenTrust large patch prevention assurance program is now available in California and includes new recommendations with the addition of Posterity XT fungicide in other regions. The Ascernity fungicide label has also been updated to increase the number of maximum annual applications from two to four.

“With the recent Ascernity registration in California, the expanded Ascernity label in all other states and additional research for enhanced recommendations, we are excited to provide a more robust disease control solution for superintendents,” said Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta. “We are encouraged by the positive results from superintendents about the performance of Ascernity and Posterity XT. These changes will provide additional control and flexibility to help protect courses from large patch and more.”

The updated large patch prevention assurance program recommends applications of Ascernity, Posterity XT or Headway fungicides in the fall when soil temperatures are consistently below 68 degrees. Then one application in the spring when turf growth resumes. Recommendations vary by geography. Superintendents who follow the prescribed program are guaranteed 90 percent large patch control on their treated turf. Download the large patch prevention assurance for full program details.

“Since receiving California registration and expanding the Ascernity label, including a FIFRA 2(ee) recommendation for up to 42 days of large patch/zoysia patch control, we also evolved the large patch assurance program to meet superintendents’ needs,” said Dr. Lane Tredway, technical services manager for turf at Syngenta. “For those who are battling diseases like spring dead spot or fairy ring in addition to large patch, the inclusion of Posterity XT, with Adepidyn technology, gives them another solution to help protect their course from disease while enhancing turf quality and playability.” 

Posterity XT puts broad-spectrum, long-lasting disease control into motion by providing up to 28 days of control of more than 20 diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, summer patch and more. Ascernity fungicide combines Solatenol technology (benzovindiflupyr), an advanced SDHI, with difenoconazole, the proven cooling DMI, to bring broad-spectrum disease control into focus. The Ascernity fungicide label now allows for a maximum of four applications per year to control other key diseases, in addition to large patch, like anthracnose, brown patch, gray leaf spot, dollar spot and more.