Prime Source announces new glufosinate-based herbicide

Prime Source announces new glufosinate-based herbicide

Surmise SpeedPro XT available for purchase in summer 2022.


Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC., announced a new glufosinate-based herbicide combination for the turf and ornamental markets. Surmise SpeedPro XT has received EPA registration and will be available for purchase summer of 2022.

Surmise SpeedPro XT combines the broad-spectrum power of glufosinate with the enhanced speed of pelargonic acid and the long-lasting control of imazethapyr. The trifecta provides quick knockdown and non-selective control of annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds with at least three months of residual control. Surmise SpeedPro XT is an alternative to glyphosate herbicides and offers speed-of-control, a lower usage rate per acre and systemic control in one patent-pending product.

“Glufosinate has quickly become the heir apparent to glyphosate herbicide in the turf and ornamental markets. By combining glufosinate with pelargonic acid and imazethapyr, Surmise SpeedPro XT delivers fast-acting control with powerful residual efficacy for at least 90 days. It all adds up to a pre-mix convenience option in non-selective weed control,” Prime Source product development manager Steve Jedrzejek said. “We are committed to supplying high quality post-patent as well as unique active ingredient combinations and performance technology-enhanced products.”

Like other Prime Source branded products, Surmise SpeedPro XT will be available exclusively through the Prime Source distribution network.