StrackaLine unveils updated HoLo software

StrackaLine unveils updated HoLo software

Data helps select pin positions based on green speeds and location needs.

September 13, 2018
GCI Staff
StrackaLine has unveiled its updated Hole Location Software (HoLo), a program with several new features designed to make a course superintendent’s job easier and improve the golfer experience.

“At StrackaLine, we want to help make the game better for golfers and everything we create is with that goal in mind,” company president Jim Stracka said. “Our updated Hole Location software is already helping improve pace of play and it’s making life much easier for forward-thinking golf course superintendents.”

The new software has been embraced by the market as more than 50 courses are already utilizing the best-of-its-kind technology. Among the most prominent new features are:

-- Superintendents will have the ability to set upwards of 200 pin locations, based on slope and edge clearance, using StrackaLine’s Green Manager feature. Once pin locations are identified, they can be managed based on green speeds, course conditions and location needs such as tournament vs. recreational play.
The ability to set pin positions based on data helps improve pace of play and course conditions by ensuring hole locations are set fairly. Superintendents will have the ability to log hole locations in a calendar as well, allowing courses to minimize wear on greens.

--  Courses can now print high quality pin sheets that offer as much detail as a course would like. The new pin sheets offer a variety of presentation options, including a real view of the green and any surrounding hazards. Courses can opt to include slope, directional arrows and fall lines, among other things, on the pin sheet.

-- StrackaLine’s new HoLo allows courses to communicate pin positions to players before they arrive at the club, a feature that is particularly beneficial when hosting a tournament. Golf courses can send alerts to players, allowing them to view pin positions on an iPhone or Android app.