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State of the Industry - Cover Story | 2021 STATE of the INDUSTRY

January 12, 2021

Happy New Year from Nufarm! As we reflect on this year (and what a year it has been), we can all agree that we’ve never had another one like it. While our concept of “normal” has changed, our commitment to our customers hasn’t. No matter what, at Nufarm, the customer comes first. We will continue bringing new innovation to the marketplace to help you meet your 2021 goals.

Our golf course solutions portfolio remains strong, with new additions on the way. We recently announced a partnership agreement with Nichino America to develop, market and sell the novel fungicide active ingredient Pyraziflumid for the turf market — an important tool for the management of turf disease, coming early 2022. We are also continuing research on Anuew™ Plant Growth Regulator. As we learn more about the performance advantages of Anuew, we continue to find even more innovative ways to utilize this unique active ingredient.

We are continuing our support of the EXCEL Leadership Program in collaboration with GCSAA. The three-year program offers expert-led leadership training and development opportunities for assistant superintendents, chosen annually. Participants complete a curriculum focused on personal, professional and community development to prepare them to excel as tomorrow’s golf course industry leaders. Learn more about the EXCEL Program and how to apply for the next class of membership at https://www.eifg.org/education/excel-leadership-program. Due to COVID-19, Nufarm and GCSAA have made the decision to extend the timeline of the first class to enable them to get the most out of the program before graduation.

Nufarm’s team of technical, sales, and customer service experts have served this industry for more than 100 years and we look forward to another year. Whatever new challenges 2021 brings to the table, we’ll be there with solutions designed to fit your needs. Thank you for allowing us to join you in your success, and we look forward to another year of partnership.

Cam Copley

Golf National Accounts Manager