New Spectrum product aims to keep greens firm, fast, flawless

New Spectrum product aims to keep greens firm, fast, flawless

FieldScout TruFirm turf firmness readers measures greens with push of a button.


Spectrum Technologies recently released its FieldScout TruFirm turf firmness meter. Based on technology developed by the United States Golf Association, the turf firmness meter enables golf course superintendents to improve the championship-caliber playability on their courses by cultivating greens that are both firm and fast.

The user-friendly, portable, lightweight meter measures the firmness of greens, fairways bunker sands and more.

The meter uses a hemisphere-shaped impact hammer that mimics the shape of a golf ball to better simulate golf ball impacts. When dropped from a consistent height, the hammer gives a recorded maximum turf penetration value that correlates directly to the firmness of the turf surface.

“Golf course managers are able to use this objective data to balance that fine line between soil moisture and turf firmness and evaluate and monitor conditions in a way that promotes healthy, highly aesthetic greens, fairways and bunker sands,” Spectrum Technologies president and CEO Mike Thurow said.

Common applications for the meter include improving golf course conditions for consistent playability, measuring firmness of fairway landing areas for longer drives and improving bunker sand surface firmness. It can be used in combination with the FieldScout mobile app to instantly collect and display data on a smart phone or tablet.