Capillary Concrete, EcoBunker collaborating at Asian course

Capillary Concrete, EcoBunker collaborating at Asian course

Singapore Island Country Club moving ahead with more renovation work after project on Bukit course.

July 13, 2018
GCI Staff
The Bukit course at Singapore Island Country Club originally designed by Scottish legend James Braid in 1924 is the venue for a new partnership between two of the world's leading bunker technology firms. At SICC, Capillary Concrete and EcoBunker have come together to produce bunkers that are fully sealed; lined with Capillary Concrete; and with a low edge produced using EcoBunker's patented synthetic solution.

Five bunkers have been built under the supervision of EcoBunker's global installation specialist, Llewelyn Matthews on the short par-3 17 hole of the Bukit course, which was the only hole on the course not to be included in a renovation completed in 2017. After the success of this trial work, the club intends to move forward with a similar treatment of all 80 bunkers on its Island course.

Although the EcoBunker solution has been most commonly associated with revetted bunkers as seen typically on links courses, Capillary Concrete CEO Martin Sternberg, who was at SICC for the initial build, says that this joint offering is ideal for use in a much wider range of circumstances.

"This low edge solution is ideal for courses that want dramatic reductions in the cost of bunker maintenance," he said. "For us at Capillary Concrete, we know our product works well for the base of bunkers, but we have many clients for whom the EcoBunker edging solution is an important source of added value. Combining the two solutions produces bunkers that look good and are totally sealed and impervious to penetration."

"We have known for a long time that our solution works very well for these low edged bunkers as well as for the more traditional-looking revetted bunkers with which we are associated, but it is great to get this kind of recognition from a company of Capillary Concrete's status," EcoBunker CEO Richard Allen said. "The links between us are strengthening as evidenced by our joint portfolio and many new clubs are set to benefit as the pipeline of future similar projects grows."