SePRO launches Soteria

SePRO launches Soteria

Broad-spectrum fungicide will be available in mid-October 2018.

September 25, 2018
GCI Staff
SePRO has launched Soteria Fungicide, another tool to combat a broad-spectrum of challenging turfgrass diseases. Soteria provides preventative and curative control of dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose and several other diseases.  Additionally, Soteria has been shown to be effective against strains resistant to other fungicide chemistries.

Soteria is driven by a unique technology that offers multi-site mode-of-action, resulting in a low potential for resistance development. The Soteria formulation is a water-based suspension concentrate (SC) which demonstrates excellent turf safety and readily mixes into solution.

“Soteria is a cornerstone fungicide for any cool- or warm-season turfgrass disease management program,” said Mark Brotherton, portfolio leader for SePRO Corporation. “With 12 applications per year allowed and high compatibility with other fungicides, Soteria is a fundamental piece to season-long disease control.”

“Soteria is the first building block to SePRO’s expanding portfolio of fungicides,” SePRO vice president Sam Barrick said.  “SePRO has several exciting technologies in the pipeline that will be complementary to Soteria, expanding disease spectrum and overall plant quality.”

Soteria is a featured component of the 2018-19 SePRO Pinnacle Program.  With the purchase of Soteria golf course partners can earn an additional 2 percent rebate on all purchases of SePRO’s leading line of turf PGRs, including Cutless, Legacy and Musketeer, and aquatic solutions featuring SeClear, Captain XTR, Komeen Crystal and SonarOne.

“The addition of Soteria to the Pinnacle Program provides a phenomenal value to superintendents and their maintenance budget,” Brotherton said. “Golf courses can earn up to a 21 percent rebate by integrating Soteria with best-in-class PGR and aquatic technologies.”

Soteria is expected to be available to golf course superintendents mid-October 2018.