See Golf Supplies tees off with first round of products

See Golf Supplies tees off with first round of products

Manufacturing highly visible, durable golf course signs is the company’s first step.


The family-owned See Innovations of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is expanding with the opening of See Golf Supplies, entering the golf market with a variety of golf cart directional signs aimed at keeping golf courses beautiful and playable year-round.

Golf cart directional signs are placed throughout golf courses, keeping carts out of areas where they shouldn’t be. Low-lying wet areas, seeded ground and construction hazards — all need to be avoided by golf carts and often are not due to the lack of directional signs around those areas.

President Bob Kocer said he and Mike Hall, the company’s information officer “were out golfing when he noticed the lack of directional and avoidance signs. Not only will the golf cart cause damage to the golf course, but the course itself will then have additional expenses to fix the damage and pay the person fixing it.” 

“It’s a large problem with a simple solution that many courses are overlooking,” Hall said. “See Golf’s goal is to offer affordable signs so that these golf courses will take less of a hit to their bottom line and reduce the amount of preventable maintenance work on their grounds.”

See Golf’s flagship product is the 3-in-1 directional sign that enables maintenance personnel to easily manage the direction of golf cart traffic.