Driving range resorts to robots for turf maintenance, ball collection

Driving range resorts to robots for turf maintenance, ball collection

Automation easing burden on Grimsby Golf Centre’s staff.

December 15, 2017

Grimsby Golf Centre has recently undergone a complete refurbishment that includes the driving range receiving robots. 

The forward-thinking of the owner Colin Jenkins meant the decision was taken from an early stage to install the automated system. In preparation for this the neglected overgrown nature of the golf range outfield, which stood at almost a meter high, required managing. An exceptional amount of work needed to be carried out before the robotic system could be introduced and was successfully completed thanks to work by local farmers, the Council, specialist grass cutters and the range’s maintenance team.
The robots are designed to ease the chores of ball collection and outfield mowing that are often seen as unpleasant tasks for golf operators and staff. Initially, many were quite skeptical as to how a robotic ball collection system would work in poor weather and ground conditions. 

“We have spent years perfecting the collection and cutting by our robotic system,” Automated Managed Services managing director Philip Sear said. “That said the automated system is not a silver bullet, poor weather conditions like heavy snow or torrential rain, will affect its ability to operate just like traditional equipment. Overall the basic principle of the robots is that it exerts far less ground pressure on the outfield than any other style of bulk ball collection or mowing. Requiring only minimal maintenance, the system is a reliable and dependable friend to the golf range operator. A great addition to any modern facility, the robots continue to change the future of outfield maintenance and the way golf ranges are operated forever.”