RightLine announces new uses for NEMAMECTIN 0.7 SC

RightLine announces new uses for NEMAMECTIN 0.7 SC

Parasitic nematode control now OK for golf and sports turf applications.


The parasitic nematode control product RightLine NEMAMECTIN 0.7 SC has two new uses.

The product can now be applied as a spot treatment on golf course greens, tees and fairways and is also newly registered for professional and collegiate sports turf applications. The expanded label, combined with flexible application rates and intervals, gives turf professionals improved versatility, budget management and environmental accountability.

“The broadened use offers the kind of convenience and flexibility our customers want,” according to RightLine turf and ornamental national sales manager Tim Zech.

Containing 0.7 pounds per gallon of the active ingredient Abamectin, NEMAMECTIN 0.7 SC is a Suspension Concentrate formulation with the ability to penetrate through the thatch layer and into the soil where nematodes thrive. In addition to its control of sting, root-knot and lance nematode species, NEMAMECTIN 0.7 SC promotes root growth and drought tolerance. It can also be used to control Bermudagrass mites and is tank mix compatible with soil-applied fungicides.