Rain Bird Golf introduces ICI+
Photo courtesy of Rain Bird Golf

Rain Bird Golf introduces ICI+

New technology allows for installation of satelllites and IC System on same wire path.

Rain Bird’s Golf Division has introduced a new integrated course control solution that makes it possible to install satellites and the company’s IC System on the same wire path. The Integrated Control Interface Plus (ICI+) allows superintendents to renovate or expand their existing satellite system in phases.
“The ICI+ is truly a game changer for courses looking to update to the latest IC System technology without having to undergo a major renovation,” Rain Bird Golf product manager Carolyn Maloney said. “This interface is the first in the golf irrigation industry to offer fully integrated course control, allowing the golf course to splice into the nearest satellite wire path and add integrated control modules (ICMs) without running wire all the way back to the maintenance facility. With the ICI+, courses with satellites systems can now easily get the benefits of our IC System and its companion IC CONNECT devices – benefits like advanced diagnostics, easy expansion, precision watering and the ability to integrate and interact with sensors and other field equipment.”
Available in two different versions, the ICI+ System replaces Rain Bird Golf’s current MIM (MAXI Interface Module) and MIM LINK Satellite interfaces, as well as the current ICI (IC System interface). The ICI+ two-wire version communicates with existing and new Rain Bird Satellite and IC Systems, and the ICI+LINK version communicates with existing and new LINK satellite systems (with the option to add the IC System). 
Rain Bird has also developed a new IFX Satellite Board that will be installed in the new PAR+ES Satellites. It is also backward compatible with the company’s older satellites and the MIM Satellite interfaces. This board allows courses to put IC rotors or Integrated Control Modules (ICMs) on a satellite’s wire path. Because the IFX board is both backward and forward compatible, courses can connect their current satellite systems to the future forward technology offered by IC and IC CONNECT by installing a simple interface board at a fraction of the cost.
“We believe the ICI+ is absolutely the best solution for phased renovations,” Maloney said. “It’s far easier and more economical to add the IC System to an existing satellite system than to start over from scratch. By introducing this new integrated solution, Rain Bird is leading the way in two-wire technology for the golf course market.”