Q&A WITH Will Wolverton

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1 What is the main purpose of the Triple Spike 375?

A: The new Wiedenmann Triple Spike 375 aerator is a great tool for relieving compaction in stressed turf. The vibrating spikes break up the soil and punch holes to put air into the ground. The flexible design, consisting of three independent floating heads, enables the machine to follow all undulations of the fairway, green, and collar. Each head is 25" for a total working width of 75". In addition, the flexible “A-frame” creates a turning pivot point allowing the machine to follow the contours and turns on a fairway, green, and collar.

2 What other functions can this machine perform?

A: Not only does the Triple Spike 375 perform aerification on greens, tees, and fairways, but it will incorporate topdressing material into the canopy at the same time. The Triple Spike 375 can also be converted into a Triple V 375 verticutter or a Triple Disc 375 vibrating slicer by exchanging the cutting heads of these machines.

a. The Triple V 375 verticutter is a tri-gang verticutter that has 3 independent floating heads which enables it to follow the undulations of a fairway. Each head is 25" for a total width of 75". In addition, the “turnable A-frame” creates a turning pivot point, thus allowing the machine to follow the contours and turns of a fairway. Working depths up to 1” can be obtained and depth adjustment is quick and easy via two cranks on the front rollers. The standard blade is a 2.2 mm carbide tipped cutting blade with an optional 1.4 mm carbide blade at 1.5" spacing or optional 1 1/8" spacing. The Triple V 375 can be operated on a tractor as small as 25 HP. Each head is driven with an independent PTO shaft and one heavy duty chain. Operating speeds of 5 to 6 mph can be achieved depending on conditions and depth.

b. The new Triple Disc 375 vibrating slicer is a great tool for cutting runners, thus producing new stolons, roots, and plant growth. The vibrating disc cuts into the surface with minimal disruption and slices the existing plants which then creates more growth.

3 What separates the Triple Spike 375 from other similar machines on the market?

A: The Triple Spike 375 is a heavy-duty spiker with a central cam shaft that vibrates, causing the spikes to be hammered into the soil, breaking up the soil and leaving a nice, clean hole when retracted. The depth is easily adjusted by hand with twin cranks on each head. Twin rollers on each head helps follow the undulations of the surface. There are standard 3mm (1/8") thick spikes with 2" spacing. The machine punches about 30 holes per square foot at working depths of 1" to 2.5". The main cam shafts are driven by double, heavy duty V-belts. The three heads are maintenance free and each weigh approximately 150 lbs. for a total weight of approximately 2,000 lbs.