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All-new TTS-800 golf rotors from Hunter Industries are the most efficient on the market.

1 Hunter Industries unveiled the new TTS-800 Rotors at this year’s Golf Industry Show in San Diego. What sets these sleek-looking rotors apart from other golf rotors on the market?

A: The new TTS-800 Series Rotors, of course, include every feature expected by superintendents and the golf irrigation industry. They also include several new capabilities never available before in a golf course rotor. We boil the TTS-800 rotor package down into four categories: power, performance, versatility, and serviceability.

2 Power? That’s intriguing. How does power come into play?

A: The heart of any golf rotor is the gear-drive. Hunter’s patented G80 full-circle and G85 adjustable-arc gear drives for the TTS-800 went through six years of development and rigorous field testing. The end result is these high-torque-output gear drives are the most powerful in the industry, so water quality issues such as the challenges of reclaimed water and debris intrusion are mitigated. The bottom line? More power equates to greater longevity as the drives push past contamination that slows and stops traditional gear drives.

3 OK, got it! What about TTS-800 performance?

A: By performance, we are talking about not only durability and longevity, but also water efficiency. Playability and water efficiency go hand-in-hand when it comes to golf course management. This means great distribution uniformity and proper irrigation scheduling are crucial to ensuring world-class performance and beautiful results. At Hunter Golf, we take great pride that we provide products — like the new TTS-800 rotors with their exclusive PressurePort™ nozzle technology — that set the standard in golf course irrigation efficiency.

4 Why is versatility an important factor for golf rotor?

A: Our full-line family of TTS-800 rotors provide best-in-class solutions for any golf course, anywhere around the globe. Four different riser assemblies are available for the TTS-800 that satisfy a wide range of specific irrigation needs around the course. This single rotor can cover rotor spacings from 20' all the way up to 97' and accommodate 29 highly efficient multi-trajectory nozzles. The reliable VIH version pairs with our satellite control system and the DIH models, with integrated two-way modules, are matched to our two-wire hub systems. The TTS-800 even has a two-station DIH solution for cost-effective control of back-to-back heads around greens. The DIH models also have the industry-exclusive ICD-HP tool for a fast and simple way to wirelessly program and diagnose two-way modules without rotor disassembly.

5 And finally, serviceability. Aren’t all golf rotors serviceable?

A: In 2001, Hunter introduced the revolutionary G-800 rotor, the very first golf rotor with Total-Top-Servicing. With TTS, every serviceable component of the rotor can be accessed from the surface without digging. This convenient, no-dig solution means routine maintenance is a breeze. And now, the new ultra-serviceable TTS-800 includes a single, quarter-turn, stainless-steel, self-retained fastener to retain the compartment lid. The spacious flange compartment easily accommodates full-size 3M DBRY-6 splice connectors and all compartment components are color-coded for easy identification. For time-saving convenience, the solenoid and pressure regulator can be serviced and replaced without mainline depressurization. And, there is a large second-stage filter to protect the control components. Better yet, the TTS-800’s robust inlet valve includes a replaceable seat and seat-seal as well as an exclusive Filter Sentry® scrubbing system — an industry first. Thanks to a powerful wiper, Filter Sentry scours the filter clean during every opening and closing cycle of the valve.

6 To recap, why do you believe Hunter’s new TTS-800 rotors represent the future of golf course irrigation?

A: Hunter is the world’s leading producer of gear-driven rotors, and we have been on the leading edge of golf irrigation for more than three decades. We build performance, reliability, and serviceability into every product we make. Now, we are proud to advance our legacy of golf industry firsts with the ultra-serviceable TTS-800 Series rotors — the most innovative and technologically advanced gear-driven rotors on the market. Learn more about TTS-800 rotors at http://hunter.direct/tts800.