Performance Nutrition launches Prudent 40PLUS

Performance Nutrition launches Prudent 40PLUS

Formulation combines Prudent 44 and Pennamin technologies.

September 18, 2018
GCI Staff
Performance Nutrition has announced the launch of Prudent 40PLUS, a highly concentrated phosphite fertilizer fortified with 17 free L-amino acids. Prudent 40PLUS combines two effective and complementary technologies to maintain plant health, Prudent 44 and Pennamin, in one product. 

"Prudent 40PLUS combines the benefits of Prudent urea phosphite fertilizer with the stress-fighting characteristics of Pennamin amino acids pre-blended in the right ratio for maximum performance in one convenient jug,” Performance Nutrition general manager Don Pucillo said. “It makes the job of turf managers a little easier."

Prudent 40PLUS highly concentrated phosphite fertilizer (40 percent PO3, expressed as P2O5), is formulated with patented urea phosphite and Pennamin amino acids. The amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, help move nutrients into the plant, and play important roles in almost every plant function. Since they are “free” amino acids, they are immediately plant-available. 

The ability to be used at lower rates than common potassium phosphite fertilizers, tank mix easily with most fertilizers and pesticides, increase the integrity of plant cell walls, and improve plant pollen fertility and increase pollen germination are among the benefits of Prudent 40PLUS.