An exciting time for the golf industry

An exciting time for the golf industry

Five questions with Nufarm's Cam Copley, who discusses meeting superintendent needs, the challenges of unpredictable climates, and why "mentorship" is one their main messages at GIS16.

February 5, 2016

While the agronomic challenges superintendents face may not have change, they have, in some respects, raised in intensity over recent years. As a result, turf managers rely more and more on their suppliers not only for cutting-edge solutions, but also for key data and insight. This allows turf managers to get ahead of not only disease pressure, but also troubleshoot resource issues and mitigate labor costs and demands.

"I think two of the biggest challenges are items that have been issues for some time and will continue to be challenges -- those being water availability and labor demand," says Cam Copley, Nufarm's golf national account manager, who weighed in on the greatest challenges the industry is facing. " These are two topics that are continually discussed in my visits with superintendents around the country.

Copley sat down with GCI to provides some insider's insights on the direction the turf industry is heading, and how a supplier like Nufarm, plays a key role in superintendent support.

GCI: What role does a supplier play in helping clients/end-users superintendents overcome these challenges?

COPLEY: I view our business at Nufarm as one of solutions. Our goal and role as a plant protection supplier is help the overall health of the golf course. Whether it is relieving stress from pests or helping to save labor with the use of products such as growth regulators. Nufarm's product line should be looked at as a tool to help manage these two important issues.

How have you seen GIS change over the years? How do you predict the show will evolve over the next few years?
GIS has evolved greatly over the past several years. The use of technology and social media have made it more of an interactive trade show and I believe the trend will continue over the next several years.

Mentorship is a big theme at the Nufarm booth this year. Why has mentorship remained such an important force in this industry, and why spotlight it at GIS 2016?

The golf course industry consists of a lot of on the job training and having someone to provide guidance and wisdom needed to succeed in this industry is vital to future success. From a personal standpoint, I would not be who I am and where I am in the industry without the strong guidance of those have been a mentor to me. GIS is a great place to talk about this because superintendents can reconnect during this time and reflect on those have been instrumental in their professional success.

Regardless of where you stand on the topic of global climate change, without a doubt our industry has been dealing with a lot of unpredictable and extreme weather over recent years. Whether it’s drought or excessive moisture, harsh frigid winters or mild seasonal variances, it’s become very difficult for superintendents dealing with turf pests because what was once routine and predictive is no longer the case. What does the role of a chemical supplier like Nufarm change to not only meet these new agronomic challenges, but also in supporting superintendents?
Nufarm is a solutions-based company and our product line has the capability to meet almost every need of the superintendent. It is important that our company keep evolving to stay ahead of trends and provide sound solutions for whatever problem arises. Nufarm must continue to provide support to superintendents to keep them aware of environmental changes so that they are properly prepared for whatever nature throws their way.

Show goals and expectations? New products? What will be under the spotlight this year that supers want to take notice of?
We expect a fantastic show as superintendents are learning more and more about Nufarm as a leading plant protection company. We are looking forward to sharing more information about our latest product Anuew. This is an exciting new product that we are seeing great results from around the country, and we look forward to sharing that message during the show.