NACHURS Turf & Ornamental launches portfolio of turf supplements

NACHURS Turf & Ornamental launches portfolio of turf supplements

Enhanced Turfgrass Management line targets point of stress to boost existing programs.


NACHURS Turf & Ornamental announced the commercialization of a new line of products called Enhanced Turfgrass Management, a group of turfgrass supplements that represent a unique new approach for improved turfgrass management.

NACHURS ETM products are designed to enhance and complement current turfgrass management programs. They have been developed specifically to improve turfgrass carbohydrate status, plant energy relationships and to fortify cellular processes when turfgrass is under stress.

“Stress management is one of the most important parts of keeping turfgrass healthy,” said Steve Miranda, director of NACHURS Turf & Ornamental. “This is why we at NACHURS have worked to create easy-to-use, supplementary products that target points of stress. The ETM platform is not designed to replace a current system. Instead, it complements and boosts effectiveness of turfgrass best management practices.”

The entire ETM product line is formulated with a proprietary polyamine chelation technology that optimizes the availability and effectiveness of the ETM supplement constituents. The technology also addresses problems associated with spray solutions affected by bicarbonates, pH and element cation antagonism.

As NACHURS Turf & Ornamental continues the development of a comprehensive distribution network, the ETM portfolio of products are currently available for use by professional turfgrass managers throughout the continental United States.

“NACHURS Turf & Ornamental is a natural step in the evolution of Nachurs Alpine Solutions,” NACHURS Alpine Solutions President Jeff Barnes said. “We are excited to bring over 70 years of fertilizer and plant expertise into non-agriculture markets.”