Minnesota course ready to ‘rock’ a few projects
Courtesy of Paul Miller

Minnesota course ready to ‘rock’ a few projects

Music-themed Montgomery National Golf Club turns to Paul Miller Design to lead course renovations.


Montgomery National Golf Club has announced the start of course and clubhouse renovation projects, continuing the momentum generated since Greg McKush purchased the Minnesota facility in 2018 and started blending his passion for music into the Joel Goldstrand-designed course one hour south of the Twin Cities.  

Paul Miller Design has led the golf course renovation planning at MNGC. Course improvements have included the rerouting concept and major renovations to renumbered holes 2, 10, 13 and 18. Extensive work will be done on 10th hole beginning in fall 2021.

In collaboration with the City of Montgomery, an expanded pond area will improve storm water drainage off the adjacent residential area while adding playability improvements that will include fairway, bunker and approach area reshaping on the downhill hole, par 4 known as “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” The improvements will flow around the new Olson Guitar bunker that artfully frames the right side of the golf hole.

“Working with Greg at Montgomery National has allowed me to be deeply engaged in using design and thematic strategies to energize a hidden gem that has great natural attributes,” Miller said. “As we looked at creating a new identity that included music in our vision, we were able to engage existing and new players in an ongoing dialogue. In captivating fashion, the yellow submarine at the entrance to the golf course created a buzz that displayed Greg’s willingness to have fun with the branding and new approach to the golf course operations.

“The golf holes named after Beatles’ songs and the guitar bunker continues in that spirit. Within that framework we want to upgrade the golf course to take advantage of the natural features in a more upscale fashion i.e. new cart path, enhanced golf hole shaping, bunkering and playability appropriate to the tees that the golfer is playing.”

The routing of the golf holes has been changed to have holes 10 and 18 close to the clubhouse so golfers will finish rounds at the clubhouse. This fall construction will start on the new Overlook Clubhouse, designed by architect David J. Kelly, that will sit atop the highest point on the golf course with spectacular panoramic views of the wooded property. The log cabin design harkens back to the McKush’s original log cabin clubhouse at the Lone Pine Golf Course, the original golf course on the land that would become The Meadows at Mystic Lake, in Prior Lake, Minnesota, where McKush was the director of golf for 10 years.

“Golf has been our family’s business for the past 40 years. It’s been unbelievable to have this opportunity to honor my parents’ legacy of providing a great golf course experience on an affordable and very scenic and playable golf course,” McKush said. “Continuing to work with golf course architect, Paul Miller, after getting to know Paul during the design and development of the Meadows at Mystic Lake has been eminently rewarding.

“I think we make a great team as we share our love of golf and music and bring that to creative fruition in our new vision for our players at Montgomery National.  Having the opportunity to partner with the City of Montgomery and the neighborhood abutting the golf course allows us to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. We hope that the community sees Montgomery National as a significant landmark that they take pride in.”