Moghu USA expands distribution of PoaCure SC

Moghu USA expands distribution of PoaCure SC

GreensPro, Tenbarge Seed and Walker Supply added as exclusive partners.

September 19, 2022

Moghu USA announced the addition of three new exclusive distribution partners for PoaCure SC herbicide. The new partners include:

  • GreensPro for parts of Illinois and Missouri
  • Tenbarge Seed for all of Kentucky and Indiana, along with parts of Tennessee and Ohio
  • Walker Supply for parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio

The additions increase the total of exclusive PoaCure SC distribution partners to seven. Grass Roots, Corbin Turf, Landscape Supply and Atlantic Golf & Turf became Moghu USA’s first distribution partners earlier this year. 

After receiving EPA registration in late 2019, Moghu USA had been selling PoaCure directly through the website The herbicide is still available directly through the website. PoaCure is currently registered in 48 states.

“We are excited to expand PoaCure SC distribution coverage,” director of sales and technology Kyung Han said. “We look forward to a great partnership and serving more golf courses.”