LESCO introduces a slew of new turf maintenance products

Offerings include enhanced-efficiency fertilization programs and supplementary products.

February 7, 2019
GCI Staff
SiteOne Landscape Supply has introduced LESCO NOS, LESCO NOS Plus, LESCO PolyPlus-Opti, LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX and LESCO CarbonPro-G. All five new products utilize the latest agronomic technology to maximize turf performance for superintendents and greens crews, no matter the present challenges or budget. 
“Superintendents have a lot to manage. The new LESCO fertilizers maximize water and nutrient efficiency through varying delivery mechanisms so superintendents can find products that align with their nutrition and greening goals,” said John Gertz, vice president category management – agronomics at SiteOne Landscape Supply. “Part of our promise to customers is that your SiteOne representative is part of your team, helping you to achieve your goals. These new turf maintenance products from LESCO are part of how we deliver on that promise to get results, even in challenging environments like fertilizer blackout periods.” 
The new products offer enhanced-efficiency fertilization programs and innovative supplementary products that improve the soil and optimize future fertilizer applications. 
LESCO NOS, or Nitrogen Optimization System, is the industry’s first fully incorporated DCD- stabilized nitrogen fertilizer that prevents nitrogen loss. The exclusive technology in LESCO NOS slows the rate at which nitrogen is lost to environmental leaching and volatilization. By keeping nitrogen in an ammonium form longer, the plant efficiently uses nitrogen when needed. Superintendents will optimize both nutrients and dollars by slowing the rate at which nitrogen becomes unavailable to the turf. This improves greening longevity between applications and maximizes application labor. 
NOS Plus
LESCO NOS Plus is a fertilizer for a one-time application that feeds nitrogen over time and reduces nitrogen loss. NOS Plus combines two unique modes of action – the first fully incorporated DCD with an advanced coating for slowly released nutrients. NOS Plus has a 38-percent higher plant NUE rate compared to unamended urea. Its dual mode of action formula protects against losses through volatilization, leaching and denitrification. LESCO NOS Plus meets slow-release technology mandates required in certain states. 
“When tested, NOS and NOS Plus resulted in a 35-percent to 60-percent increase in nitrogen uptake when compared to unamended urea after 40 days of application,” Gertz said.  
LESCO’s new PolyPlus-Opti is an optimized source of polymer-coated urea. Its proprietary formula provides a linear consistent release of nitrogen that maximizes greening between nutrient applications. The combination of amended and unamended urea sources delivers valuable nitrogen within the first three days without causing burn. The unique polymer coating on the granular fertilizer breaks down over time, resulting in a metered release of nitrogen. The precise, long-term delivery of nutrients translates to a customizable, consistent greening period for course crews and superintendents. 
CarbonPro-L with MobilEX
CarbonPro-L with MobilEX is a revolutionary nutrient optimizing system that harnesses the power of plant-microbe interactions and organic soil sciences to maximize plant health and performance. The proprietary MobilEX nutrient technology supports cell wall stability by mobilizing calcium ions from organelle storage and increases nutrient transport by binding minerals to facilitate movement throughout the plant’s vascular tissues. The multi-solution product can be tank mixed with most non-pesticide liquid applications. Research shows, CarbonPro-L with MobilEX promoted more root and shoot growth using 30 percent less nitrogen than positive and negative controls in Tall Fescue. CarbonPRO-L with MobilEX is an ideal option to optimize invested nutrient dollars to manage high-performing turf, resulting in ultimate player satisfaction, and is a new tool to manage challenging restrictions or blackout application periods. 
Now in granular form, CarbonPro-G is a microbial and carbon-based plant health nutrient optimizer that can be applied with a standard broadcast spreader to turf and landscape plantings. The multi-solution product uses soil conditioning to deepen and strengthens roots, help with turf recovery, increase nutrient uptake and efficiency, assist with seed establishment and reduce operation costs spent treating turf stress. Its bio-charged carbon structure holds water, making it available when needed by the plant. When applied, CarbonPro-G, regulates soil pH balance to be more neutral, and is an ideal option to repair damaged turf from winter salt damage.