Hurricane preparedness checklist

Hurricane preparedness checklist

Carolinas GCSA offers tips for golf facilities before, during and after a major storm.

September 11, 2018
GCI Staff

Tips from the Carolinas GCSA for golf courses in the path of a hurricane:

I. Before the Storm 
a. Prep timeline, Watch/Warning actions 
b. Inform all employees of plans to prepare for storm. Update current contact information for all staff members and ask their evacuation plans.
c. Inform staff of procedure to return to work. Issue reentry passes.
d. Evacuation plan 
e. Employee plan and safety 
f. Inventory, pictures for insurance purposes 
g. Take aerial photos of course, maintenance facility, and pump house 
h. Back up all computers. Irrigation computer taken off site with superintendent.
i. Remove any structures that prevent water from exiting property 
j. Pump down lagoon levels 
k. Irrigation shutdown 
l. Secure or lock satellite box lids, remove any low-lying boxes from potential storm surge 
m. Building shutdown (empty mini and regular refrigerator) 
n. Fill all course coolers with fresh water and store safely inside maintenance facility 
o. Secure on-course restrooms – cut off water and power to course bathrooms 
p. Equipment staging and protection 
q. Verify all chainsaws, chainsaw accessories and generators are operational and taken offsite between Management team.  
r. Recovery materials staged and ready for return 
s. Gas procurement 
t. Ensure all equipment and gas cans are full prior to having fuel tanks filled 
u. Recovery team arrangements 
v. Contractor help and recovery arrangements pre-storm (local vendors, tree companies, fertilizer/chemical, anything to flush soils from water surges), sand, golf construction crew, irrigation serviceman, and rental companies (contact temp agency for workers) 
w. Pond issues, weir settings, EC readings from ponds 
x. Remove any potential flying debris (trash cans, bunker rakes, tee marks, signage, pins, driving range material)  
y. Be prepared to apply any growth regulators and/or fungicides before or right after a watch has been issued for your area. 
z.  Confirm generator and hand pump are available for fuel 

II. During the Storm 
a. Plan for first responders to return 
b. Employee safety and return plan for secondary teams 
c. Communication issues 
d. County/State coordination issues 

III. After the Storm 
a. Site evaluation, priorities to recovery 
b. Maintenance facility start up 
c. Worker safety, issues 
d. Worker accommodations, food, supplies 
e. Clean-up plan 
f. Pond issues, weir settings, EC readings from ponds 
g. Insurance issues, loss and replacements 
h. Take photos of damage and accurately track labor hours spent on clean up 
i. Tree and debris issues and removal (empty green waste containers before and schedule daily pick up until cleanup is finished) 
j. Government cleanup assistance, FEMA issues