Hunter launches a pair of controllers
The NODE-BT controller.
Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries.

Hunter launches a pair of controllers

NODE-BT and Two-Zone BTT both feature battery-operated Bluetooth capabilities.

Hunter Industries has launched the battery-operated NODE-BT controller. NODE-BT is enabled with powerful wireless Bluetooth technology that can be easily managed from a smartphone, making it an option for gardens, parks, medians, roundabouts, greenhouses or other outdoor applications where AC power is unavailable.
NODE-BT is controlled by a multi-language smartphone app. The app keeps track of all controller locations and sends battery-change reminders. Controllers can also be configured offline, which makes field adjustments quick and easy to deploy at a later time. Run-time flexibility is perfect for germinating seeds and other agricultural applications.
“NODE-BT makes battery-powered irrigation convenient and comfortable," Hunter product manager Darik Chandler said. “Thanks to wireless management, contractors can avoid spiders, snakes, and other pests commonly found in valve boxes.” 
Hunter also has launched the Two-Zone BTT, a Bluetooth enabled, battery-operated tap timer controlled via an iOS or Android smartphone app.

Two-Zone BTT adequately waters small, dual-zone spaces without available in-ground irrigation. The product installs to a hose tap in minutes and allows users to avoid stepping or reaching around delicate plants or flowers to operate. Two-Zone BTT offers settings for two separate plant types with different run times.

“BTT makes simple irrigation quick and affordable,” Chandler said. “It’s the perfect add-on item for contractors to offer additional service and easy maintenance.”
Two-Zone BTT makes simple irrigation quick, convenient and affordable. The product allows wireless programming and control of unlimited timers within a 32-foot range. Cycling mode allows for precise interval watering, which is perfect for drip applications. The built-in Rain Delay option can suspend irrigation for up to 99 days due to inclement weather, water conservation goals or other site needs.