H2O Flow Pro receives patent for wireless water management system

H2O Flow Pro receives patent for wireless water management system

The 7-year-old company now has plans to expand into agriculture and consumer markets.


H2O Flow Pro received issuance this week of U.S. Patent No. 10,512,227 for its WATER FLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS.

Technology director and partner Mike Rainone called it “a huge win” for the company and its technology. “We have worked for years to get this through the patent system,” he said. “We see this as the next level of water conservation and data analytics that our consumers have been looking for.”

The H2O Flow Pro technology is a smart system that learns the normal pattern of flow for each zone, then interrupts the logic of normal controllers when inappropriately high or low flows are detected. Once an anomaly is detected, the system sends an email and text alert stating the issue. The system then turns off the zone in which the high or low flow was detected and moves on to the next zone. 

“The H2O Flow Pro wireless water management system allows consumers to monitor their daily activity, be alerted to out of limit high or low flows and conserve our most precious resource,” company president Bret Berry said. “Allowing flow sensors to be wireless without all of the expensive digging and trenching is a huge disrupter in the marketplace.”

Berry said that with patents issued, the company has plans to expand into consumer and agriculture markets.