Greenworks Commercial unveils new lithium-ion saw

Greenworks Commercial unveils new lithium-ion saw

GS 110 10-inch Brushless Top Handle Saw aids with tasks require precision.

August 9, 2018
GCI Staff
Greenworks Commercial announced it has expanded its professional duty line with the new GS 110 10-inch Brushless Top Handle Saw.  With its user-friendly push-button start technology, the GS 110 offers all the versatility and reliability needed to perform even the most challenging of saw-at-height jobs in tight spots. Precision limbing and one-hand cutting tasks are made simple with the GS 110’s compact design and the convenience of lithium-ion battery power technology.   

“Professional arborists who use gas-powered chainsaws have for years complained about the lost productivity from having to get out of the tree and down on the ground to restart their saws after stalling or being turned off,” said Tony Marchese, director of independent retail for Greenworks North America. “With our new lithium-ion battery powered top-handle GS 110, there are no such concerns because the saw is easily restarted at the push of a button. Say goodbye to the days of getting out of the tree every time you need a restart, and hello to a new level of productivity and performance.”  

The Greenworks Commercial GS 110 Top Handle Saw is powered by Greenworks Commercial’s proprietary 40-volt lithium-ion battery and brushless motor technology. 

Features & Benefits include:

--Lightweight and compact 10-inch bar and chain design for ease of use in tight spaces
--One-hand cutting operation and push button start for maximum in-tree convenience
--Brushless motor delivering more power, quieter operation and longer life
--Chain brake for added safety while in use
--Automatic oiler to keep maintenance to a minimum
--Steel bucking spikes to help prevent kickback out of the wood

The Greenworks Commercial 10” Brushless Top Handle Saw is available now through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff, Edney, PACE, and Steven Willand independent dealer networks and SiteOne. The GS 110 has a two-year warranty on both the battery and the tool.