Greenworks Commercial expands leaf blower line

Greenworks Commercial expands leaf blower line

GBB 700 Dual Battery Port Backpack Blower powered by 82-volt lithium-ion battery.

March 13, 2018

Greenworks Commercial has announced that it has expanded its 82-volt line with the new GBB 700 Dual Battery Port Backpack Blower. This commercial grade backpack blower offers the performance and power needed to support landscapers, turf management crews and golf maintenance professionals. 

690 CFM and 165 mph are now available on demand at the push of a button. Operators can customize their performance and power usage with the variable speed trigger, cruise control lever and turbo button. This unit is equipped with two battery ports that come standard with Automatic Battery Switch-Over. This patented feature automatically switches from one battery to the next once the first battery is depleted, offering extended uninterrupted runtime.

Like all the tools included in the Greenworks Commercial family, GBB 700 Dual Battery Port Backpack Blower is powered by Greenworks Commercial’s proprietary 82-volt lithium-ion battery platform and brushless motor technology. However, this unit has taken this battery platform to the next level with its unique Power Station feature. Simply disconnect the blower tube and motor housing from the side of the unit and the blower is transformed into a mobile power source capable of pugging in and powering any of the other 82-volt hand help equipment. This allows users to extend their runtime without adding weight to the tool. 

Other features include: 

--Axial fan design providing up to 690CFM/165 MPH
--Brushless motor delivering more power, quieter operation and longer life
--Dual Battery Port with automatic switchover for 2x run-time 
--Power Station Capabilities let users power their whole line of equipment off the same backpack
--Cruise Control, Variable Speed Trigger and Turbo Button provide customized performance

“As we continue to evolve our distributor relationships throughout North America to ensure that professionals have access to our award-winning tools at their favorite dealers, we push forward with new and exciting technologies that will make the work day more productive and less strenuous,” said Chris Allen, President of Greenworks North America. “For 2018, we’ve put a focus on providing innovative battery management solutions to increase the amount of productivity users can get on the job site. The new Dual Battery Port Backpack Blower provides users with optimal performance to get tough jobs completed in a forward-thinking, green way, with double the run-time of previous models.”