Greenworks introduces new charger

Greenworks introduces new charger

GC 420 can charge two 82V lithium-ion batteries sequentially.

September 10, 2018
GCI Staff
Greenworks Commercial has introduced the 82-volt Rapid 2-Port Charger. The Greenworks Commercial GC 420 is a commercial grade charger that powers up landscape pros’ tools in a quick, more energy efficient way, offering the ability to charge any two of Greenworks Commercial’s powerful 82V lithium-ion batteries sequentially.

“We know that a major concern landscape and turf management professionals have about switching from gas to cordless equipment is managing their inventory of batteries to ensure their ability to maximize the work day,” said Tony Marchese, director of independent retail for Greenworks North America. “With our new GC 420 2-Port Rapid Charger, those pros using our 82-volt products will be able to recharge two batteries overnight without having to switch from one to the other on the charger, ensuring that the crew has fully charged batteries to start the work day. The sequential, rapid charging ability combined with optimal battery management will reduce downtime on the jobsite.” 

The new GC 420 is powerful enough to charge two of Greenworks largest 6Ah batteries, but efficient enough that it can more expediently charge two of Greenworks’ smallest, 2.5Ah batteries in a little more than an hour. Benefits offered by the GC 420 include: 
--Two charging docks, allowing users to charge two batteries sequentially.
--Rapid charging ability, eliminating downtime on the job-site.
--LED Indicator light providing users with at-a-glance battery charge status updates.
--Two-year limited warranty.   

The Greenworks Commercial 82 Volt Rapid 2-Port Charger is available through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff, Edney, PACE and Steven Willand independent dealer networks and SiteOne.