In a 24/7 world, why don’t I have it now?

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With technology controlling our lives, sometimes it’s nice to disengage.

September 17, 2013

  Bill Brown, CGCS

The world has become a grind, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to shut it down even for a short period of time. Social media has become a great turf tool, so let’s look at taking that a step further and help us refuel and recharge with our new community.

I often say, ten to twelve years ago it was “I need that tomorrow!” Five years ago, “I need it now!” Now its, “Why don’t I have it yet!” We have become a 24/7 world. In the golf world, it means we are expected to be 100 percent all the time. We must be ahead of the game. Creating and innovating isn’t expected to stop. The days of “We are in maintenance mode are gone.”

So what has done this to us? Well, you’re probably reading on one of them or holding one in your hand to tweet something out. Technology has made this world 24/7. Processes happen faster and information spreads quicker so we are forced to keep pace.

The turf industry has embraced the use of social media. It is one of the best tools a superintendent has to stay ahead of the 24/7 world. We have been able to communicate faster and more effective to stay ahead. But in this 24/7 world we must find time to disengage from the world that is turf.

Social media has allowed us to grow our network. We can talk to fellow colleagues and friends all over the world with just a few clicks. Since most of us remain engaged in social media as a community even when we aren’t talking turf, let’s take a look at some platforms to take advantage of this new community we have built.

Social media in fitness has become big, so big at times you might not even realize you are using it. Many of us turn to fitness for release, so why not share this with your friends?

Running is a quick and relatively easy way to get your 30 minutes a day of physical fitness. Through social media, I see lots of turfies talking about running, competing in Tough Mudders and Spartan Races. Nike+ is a great community to help encourage each other and even create a little competition. The Nike+ platform allows you to create communities of friends to share your runs which includes times, distances, energy burned and even the areas you enjoy running. Turn to the Nike+ map and see where everyone in your area enjoys running. Add other turf friends to your friends list to share some camaraderie. Maybe even find local turfies to create a Tough Mudder or Spartan team.

I am sure you have all seen tweets like “My fitbit #Fitstats for....” Many of us carry or wear pedometers on us now. The most popular are the Jawbone UP, Fitbit Ultra or Flex and the Nike Fuelband. These are more fitness trackers as they track activity, calories burned and provide you an overall look at how active you have been. These too connect to a community of users. I personally have many friends in the turf industry in my Fitbit community. This creates a little competition for all of us, challenges us to stay fit and even provides for some lighthearted discussion when one of us falls behind.

Enjoying time with your family on a day trip? You can use social media communities to help find the best things to do. Yelp is one of the best communities to find “stuff.” From restaurants, shops, parks to even doctors, you can find them and find out why people did or did not enjoy them. Just like the fitness platforms, you can add your friends to your community to share your favorites. Talk to a fellow turfie the next town over. Why not bring your spouses and find a nice restaurant or brew pub to kick back and relax? Do you have a favorite park you take your kids to? Share it with other local turfies to share a little family time.

In the 24/7 world we live in, it is vital to our health and well being that we find at least a little time to shut it down. Refueling and recharging with some fitness, family time or just time to yourself will keep you fresh and not mentally or physically drained. Social media has allowed so many of us to become not just colleagues but friends. So why not use this great communication tool to disengage from turf together?


Bill Brown, CGCS, is CEO of Turf Republic and founder of iTurf Apps. Bill has spent 20 years on golf courses, including the last 5 years at Hartefeld National Golf Club. He’s served as an officer and board of director for the Philadelphia Association of Golf Course Superintendents, as well as served on national committees. Contact him at