BioSafe Systems release nematode study

BioSafe Systems release nematode study

Nematode pressure reduced on two golf courses after applying tank mix.

October 3, 2013

Two golf courses saw reduced nematode pressure after running trials for BioSafe Systems this season, according to a release from the company.

In 2013, BioSafe Systems conducted trials at two separate golf courses in central and southwestern Florida, testing the reduction of nematodes on a total of six test plots on greens.

Golf Course 1 treated three greens and applied three applications 21 days apart. Both courses applied two gallons of ZeroTol 2.0 per acre and 19 oz. of AzaGuard per acre. ZeroTol 2.0 is a broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide with efficacy against Pythium and Phytophthora. AzaGuard is a multi-mode of action nematicide that stops feeding, egg laying and is effective as an insect growth regulator.

Before the applications, greens were receding on both courses. By the second application, the receding had stopped, according to the report, and the third application saw the greens begin to come back. The report also shows that the greens, which were trouble spots for Pythium, show no signs of the disease.

Results of the trials show an overall reduction of 88 percent of nematodes and complete eradication  of sting nematodes on Golf Course 1 while using the tank mix.

Golf Course 2 treated three greens and applied four applications of the ZeroTol 2.0 and AzaGuard tank mix seven days apart. Golf Course 2 applied 0.5 oz. of AzaGuard per 1,000 sq. ft. in each application but used four different rates of ZeroTol 2.0; 6.5 oz., 9.0 oz., 12.0 oz. and 9.0 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

They treated two greens with the tank mix and the third green was split in half, and treated with the BioSafe Systems Nematode Reduction Program and MultiGuard.

On Test Plot 2 the lance nematode was nonexistent after treatment and on Test Plots 1 and 3 the sting nematode count was brought down to zero. Each of the greens had significant nematode reduction after treatment with the tank mix of ZeroTol 2.0 and AzaGuard.

Existing conditions require 3 applications repeated every 7–21 days. Once nematodes are suppressed a monthly maintenance program can be initiated.