Trojan Batteries selected by Melex

Trojan Batteries selected by Melex

Poland-based manufacturer will feature Trojan on its line of electric passenger and utility vehicles.

May 30, 2012


Deep-cycle batteries from Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, as well as the company’s HydroLink watering system will be featured in electric passenger and utility vehicles manufactured by Melex Co. based in Mielec, Poland.

“Melex prides itself on providing only the highest-quality electric passenger and utility vehicles to our customers worldwide which was the primary reason we selected Trojan batteries – the company shares our commitment to quality,” said Dariusz Gujda, Melex managing director.  “With Melex vehicles being powered by Trojan batteries our customers can be confident that their Melex electric vehicles will provide them with the reliable operation and exceptional performance both Melex and Trojan have become known for.”

Trojan’s T-105, T-125 and T-145 deep-cycle flooded batteries will be installed in Melex vehicles during manufacturing and available as an “aftermarket” battery for current owners of Melex electrically powered passenger and cargo vehicles.  Melex also will offer Trojan’s HydroLink single point watering system which is designed to remove the guesswork out of properly watering batteries.  With HydroLink, Melex customers can fill a complete set of batteries in less than 30 seconds.

“Trojan’s partnership with Melex to supply its renowned deep-cycle batteries for the extensive line of Melex electric passenger and cargo vehicles builds upon Trojan’s reputation as the premier source of deep-cycle batteries for this market segment,” said Mat Segal, Trojan senior vice president of global business development.  “Our original equipment manufacturing agreement with Melex reaffirms Trojan’s focused strategy to expand use of its advanced deep-cycle battery technology worldwide.”

Trojan T2 Technology Set Trojan Batteries Apart Trojan’s T-105, T-125 and T-145 batteries feature Trojan’s T2 Technology which is engineered to specifically meet the increasing demands of today’s electric passenger and utility vehicles.  Trojan’s T2 Technology builds upon the company’s historically proven engineering expertise and incorporates improvements resulting in a superior battery with maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy.