FairWays Foundation approaching $300,000 in grants awarded

FairWays Foundation approaching $300,000 in grants awarded

Program supporting environmental efforts in the United States and the United Kingdom is experiencing a sharp increase in applications.


As it enters its second grant cycle, the The FairWays Foundation announced it has awarded more than $272,000 worth of funds since it launched.

Having received a 50 percent increase in grant applications over year one, the foundation has awarded over $166,000 worth of funds in its second grant cycle. The funds have been awarded to a varied cross-section of environmental projects in both the United States and United Kingdom.

The funds are available as a result of Aquatrols committing to transferring a percentage of sales to The FairWays Foundation. In the United States, Aquatrols customers can donate points earned through the Approach points redemption platform. The effort represents another way for the green industry to support conservation and environmental efforts.

Successful grant projects range from butterfly and bird garden rehabilitation, riparian restoration and establishing pollinator wildflower patches to assistance for turf acreage verification, a wash pad bioswale and general ecology improvements on course. CLICK HERE to learn more about projects supported by the program.

“I could not be prouder of the efforts from the team at The Fairways Foundation,” Aquatrols President and CEO Matt Foster said. “In two years, we will have awarded just under $300,000 to industry operators dedicated to making a difference in their community. That is no small commitment. We also understand making a difference locally takes tremendous grit from a local champion. It might be a greenkeeper or parks manager or a program volunteer. Regardless, without their will these projects would never move forward. Our message to those individuals out there with a will for a healthier environment is The Fairways Foundation can help with the way to get there. Please apply.”

The FairWays Foundation is looking for ambassadors to help reach those who wish to champion environmental projects but are unable to proceed due to lack of resources. The 2022 funding cycle opens in April 2022.