Engage Agro USA becomes Belchim Crop Protection USA

Engage Agro USA becomes Belchim Crop Protection USA

Tom Wood will lead new company from Delaware headquarters.

January 15, 2018

Engage Agro USA officially became Belchim Crop Protection USA on Jan. 1, 2018. The new company headquarters will be located in Wilmington, Del. Tom Wood has been appointed as general manager of Belchim Crop Protection.

The buyout of Engage Agro in May 2017 provided a readymade platform toward global expansion of Belchim Crop Protection’s innovative agrochemical and bio-based product portfolio and corporate brand. For over 30 years, Belchim has been providing agricultural customers internationally with over 100 well known products. The Belchim name is well respected abroad and will now be recognized in the United States as well.

Establishing a new corporate headquarters in Wilmington, presents a fresh start and professional face to customers and was desirable due to the geographic accessibility of the Belgium and Canadian office. Additionally, the East Coast is a hub to multiple agricultural chemical companies, which will provide a convenience for future business growth.

Wood will assume overall leadership of the team in the U.S. He will develop and implement the sales and marketing strategy, ensure engagement of the key business partners in the country and manage cross-functional communication with the Guelph Development Center in Canada and the Belchim Headquarters in Belgium. 

“I am excited to lead a team of experienced individuals with extensive backgrounds in the Agriculture, and Turf & Ornamental industries as we expand into the USA,” Wood said. “Belchim’s portfolio and pipeline of innovative products will provide great opportunities for U.S. and our customers in the U.S. market and will be an integral part of our global growth initiatives.”

Belchim Crop Protection empowers farmers through innovative crop protection products and high-end technical support. Founded in Belgium in 1987, it is a globally expanding company with sales of EUR 500 Million (600 Million USD) in 2017. With innovative products, a high level of technical support and a focus on development, registration and commercialization, Belchim offers a variety of agrochemical solutions.