Ohio city moving forward bunker renovation

Ohio city moving forward bunker renovation

Chris Wilczynski will oversee work at Dayton’s Community Golf Club.


Chris Wilczynski, ASGCA, has been selected to design and oversee the renovation of the bunkers on the Hills and Dales Courses at Dayton's Community Golf Club.

 Nestled in the rolling hills south of the Ohio city, Community Golf Club, Dayton's first municipal golf course dating back to 1918 is the gem of the city's public golf system. Featuring over 120 feet of topographic relief and several elevated tees, the 18-hole Hills Course is the more challenging of the two courses, but the shorter 18-hole Dales Course is fun and playable for golfers of all skill levels. The prevalence of degraded and poor drainage bunkers on the 36-hole layout prompted the need to renovate the bunkers at the club.

“The bunkers have deteriorated over the years and have come to hold a lot of water,” superintendent Bob Bajek said. “We selected C.W. Golf Architecture for this project because Chris has an excellent resume with improving golf facilities, is very experienced and fits well with our team and the improvements that are needed.”

Wilczynski plans to implement the Community Golf Club bunker renovation project in the late summer and early autumn months this year.

“On the Hills Course, we will add a few fairway bunkers to enhance the challenge and the aesthetics of the course,” Wilczynski said. “Some bunkers will be eliminated, and others will be moved. The Dales Course is the shorter of the two courses and there we will limit the number of bunkers.”

“A couple of years ago we took a public survey and asked specifically about the golf facility,” said Andy Marks, a senior engineer in Dayton's Department of Public Works. “The No. 1 issue people had was the condition of the bunkers, so that was obvious, and we knew we needed to make improvements.”

“Our goal with the project is to enhance the courses bunkers from a functionality, maintenance, playability, and aesthetic perspective,” Wilczynski added. “Golf courses like this are so important to the growth of the game and for the much needed social and health benefits that they provide to people.”